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Meet Sour Belle, the newest character of the candy crew! I don't think I need to tell you guys what kind of candy she's based on. Honestly she might be one of my new favorite candy characters, I simply adore how her design came out and I like how I did the background of this... Continue Reading →

I tried my hand at editing instead of drawing by making a cover for one of my brothers songs, there's room for improvement but I like the results of this one! Listen to the song that goes along with it here

DEER...GET IT?! I decided to try the whole "flower crown pastel" aesthetic since I love it so much. I tried a few other new things and I'm LOVING how it turned out. I wanted to add antlers to her to complete the whole deer look but antlers only go on boy deer 😦 Watch the... Continue Reading →

I know this is WAY different than what I usually do but I feel like we all need this reminder sometimes, and to me this is the only "motivational quote" type of saying that actually cheers me up Watch the speedpaint here

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